7 Persuasive Essay Topics on Business

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Coming up with an effective and notable business essay topic is not an easy task. Freedom of choice can for some be even more difficult than having an assigned topic. Do you have an upcoming essay exam in business class and you have no idea what to write about? Well, here is your solution.
The following topic examples will help you to write a persuasive essay on current trending topics in the world of business. Whether you pick some of these topics to be the star of your essay or you come up with something similar, this can be your inspiration for the upcoming exam period.

1. Every Business Should Adopt Green Principles

Going green is a change that many companies will have to face. This is a very interesting topic that will allow you to easily state many arguments about why companies should accept this approach.

If you are passionate about our planet and want to express the importance of going green movement, this is the topic for you.

2. College Degrees Do Not Guarantee Success in Business

In today’s competitive market, many college graduates never get the chance to do their dream job. A topic such as this will remind you that you need to work extra hard and be persistent if you want to succeed in the business world.

Cover aspects such as statistics which prove how many educated people struggle with finding a job and add your suggestions about what should a person in that situation.

3. An Effective and Positive Culture within a Business Motivates Employees

A topic that deals with work culture or work environment is a very popular and creative topic. It allows you to write about various ideas about how could employers motivate the employees.

Just think about yourself in that situation and why a positive culture would be important to you. For example, some say that a positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers.

4. Business Productivity Can Be Improved by Using Vital Tools such as Brainstorming

As a student, this topic is very close to what you know and do. Mostly everyone knows the benefits of brainstorming and you should now express them on paper and tie it to the business world.

Just think about how brainstorming helps you, connect that to a field of business, and add some statistic to back you up.

5. Virtual Businesses Will Be More Profitable in the Future.

Within this topic, persuade why virtual businesses are in the rise and why so many entrepreneurs prefer online businesses.

Considering that there are so many articles concerned with the benefits of online business and how it can save money, you won’t have any problem finding reference materials.

6. Positive Branding is Central to Business Success

For all of you who love marketing, here is a great topic to cover. Explain in detail what is positive branding and how it influences the success of a business.

You can also add some of your own examples or ideas of how can positive branding be used for making progress in the business world. In case you need some help with forming your thoughts into persuasive arguments, you can always get academic help from online services.

7. Social Network Platformsare Effective for Promoting Businesses

Of course, one of the hot topics we simply can’t omit is the effect of social media. Social networks have become one of the primary tools of every marketing department so you won’t have any trouble with backing up your claims.

Considering that there is not a Millenial who isn’t deeply involved with social networks, this topic will be on your familiar grounds.

Some Final Thoughts

The versatility of these topics will allow you to decide which field of business interests you and what kind of topic do you want to write about. Considering that you have freedom of choice, you should certainly go for a topic that you feel passionate about or at least you feel interested in enough to make some good arguments.

After you pick a topic that gets your creative juices flowing, just do your research, find some credible sources, and get started with creating an exceptional persuasive essay.